Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hepatitis Cure Is There Really A Total Cure For Hepatitis B? Doctors Say Drugs Like Baraclude (entecavir) Helps.?

Is there really a total cure for Hepatitis B? Doctors say drugs like Baraclude (entecavir) helps.? - hepatitis cure

Are there alternative esp. Herbs that can completely cure hepatitis B?


Cats said...

Most people (90-95%) are acute infections, the solution on your own. Most people do not develop chronic hepatitis B infection - but when we talk about the small proportion of people who do not speak, there are no cure. But someone else said, there is no vaccine.

AmberWh said...

There is no cure for hepatitis B, but there are a number of strokes (vaccinations), which prevent you from achieving this goal.

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