Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mini Camera Time Lapse How Do I Capture Large Ammount Of Video On My Laptop Using A Samsung Mini DV Camcorder? Camera Shuts Down...?

How do I capture large ammount of video on my laptop using a Samsung Mini DV camcorder? Camera shuts down...? - mini camera time lapse

I have a Samsung mini DV camcorder and want to capture video on my Windows laptop. Specifically, I have my camera and take the whole day, then the speed is, then the one time.

It has a FireWire port, I have all the necessary equipment. I did last night, and after 2 minutes, turn on the device because they think he is doing something, and found only in standby mode and the computer uses the video. What must I do to make your stay in the camera and video to capture as much as they want or need?



Kaden said...

Unfortunately, no way. They really make sure the dates on the tape. Is a prerequisite for using the camera to use as a webcam, and all types of software, the band, without really grasp the registry.

Could a change in how "easy" and "program" mode, and you can program the device to hold up to five minutes to change, but as with all cameras, so programmed to shut down, thus maintaining the read head is even with the power plugged in

Other cameras can do (and other cameras is really a function of time for me to stay all day and easy to set how often you want the catch), but has become more expensive because it is seen a function in semi-professional models. A webcam is probably the cheapest option and just use the same software you are using.

Little Dog said...

I agree with what all Kaden said - but there is another potential problem ... Assuming that you get a standard-definition video in DV format, which live to about 14 per hour. 24 hours of time that has 336 GB of disk space that will be used - and you never want to have less than 20% free space on hard drive ... the

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