Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nitrogen Tire Inflation Need Tire Advice For Fullsize 4wd Chevy?

Need tire advice for fullsize 4wd chevy? - nitrogen tire inflation

Owner of a 2002 Silverado, currently LT265/75/16 load range C on their new needs. Rare trailers, no attachment Travel various materials. Like the BFG A / T tires kb, aggressive tread. Revos seem too pleasant, with the exception of the price. Do you have a number of charge / side view level to make this distinction? Is it necessary adjustment with 4? Nitrogen in the air against inflation? In view of the wider tires (285), but said they need a "front end leveling kit for $ 300 .. Any advice would be helpful, thanks.


99z71 said...

I have the BFG all terrain ko 285/75/16 on my 99 Silverado (NBS) Z71 4x4. I love them. Theres no need for nitrogen. I am no expert on the issue of alignment, but it seems as if the tires were good, then there would not need a new direction tires.
You may experience slight friction when fully on the side. In my 99 Silverado the tires a little more friction on my mud flaps to turn lock to lock. The shutters finally succumbed to hard rubber tires. In 2000, my father Yukon with the same tire, just copy a small piece of plastic on the wheel and the elimination of friction.
Upgrade kit is basically a lift for the front. The back is intentionally increased, since it is designed to carry weight. The starter kit upgrade to the front until the truck at all levels. This can avoid the friction, but again I had to rub the tires if they are entirely due to blockade or the other, and once I have my bumper was never seen again. I do not spend the money for the kit, you shouldwell.
I recommend the BFG.

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