Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mild Dysplasia Does Having Mild Dysplasia Mean I Really Do Have HPV?

Does having mild dysplasia mean I really do have HPV? - mild dysplasia

I've heard that it can cause many things that mild dysplasia, but it means they have a standard called HPV?


Gumdrop Girl said...

Not all dysplasia is caused by HPV. Some of it is spontaneous (especially young women) or genetic factors. Certain dysplasias can clarify for themselves. Sometimes the Pap test is able to give false alarms. It is therefore very important to get that follow-up tests confirm that no dysplasia.

If you are * not * to ensure that dysplasia of the cervix, the chances are very high, with at least one strain of HPV. You need to discuss treatment options with their doctor, and should be taken in the sex because there is currently no cure for HPV.

So, in summary, there is a strong maybe you have HPV.

tarnishe... said...

Dysplasia, abnormal cells in the neck.

If you are under 30, can not your doctor tested for HPV.

This is the site of HPV testing.

Dysplasia is the medical term for abnormal cells in the cervix caused by HPV. If abnormalities are mild and give it only a few, which usually disappear without treatment. But only a few cases a moderate dysplasia, and most cases of severe dysplasia, it will not disappear by themselves. In this stage, the cells are not recognized as a "pre-cancer": In other words, if and treated, can lead to cancer of the cervix.

Depending on the extent of abnormal cells is present, dysplasia of health care professionals are summarized as follows:

Mild, or "IAS 1: NIC does intraepithelial neoplasia. If dysplasia is "Level 1", which means that only about one third of the abnormal cells from the cervix. In addition, the cells are not as clear moderate to severe abnormalities of dysplasia. It is estimated that one orUT six women develop CIN 1, which usually disappears by itself and needs no treatment. IAS 1, is also known as LSIL (low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion to be). ...

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