Saturday, December 5, 2009

Alice In Wonderland Type Cake My Friend Is Having A Sweet 16 Birthday Party For Her Daughter. It Is To Be Alice In Wonderland Theme. Ideas?

My friend is having a sweet 16 birthday party for her daughter. It is to be Alice in Wonderland theme. Ideas? - alice in wonderland type cake

You try to pretend to "Super Sweet 16" as possible (MTV), which is a big party with different groups and 3 DJs and a super cool colors extravagant "Mad Hatter" type cake. Who do d other ideas of how this game "Super Sweet" too?


Dash said...

I think your question is well known in this direction very nice and the make-up of Alice in Wonderland Bath and Body Works brand as Goldie. (Goldie is one of my favorite brands have nice, bright makeup, the adolescents and young adults is appropriate. All their stories are wonderfully detailed and everything is very unique), with a sort of theme, Rock 'n' roll. However, some new elements, such as lip gloss and nail polish with Alice in them, what can certainly interested me the birthday boy some of these things as a preference of his talent and perhaps use of email as a party to collect for girls attend the festival if you - $ 7 per bottle can afford. (But when you get three different bands and a DJ probably be no problem!) Take a moment of pleasure and the extravagant feast! ...

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