Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Free Megaupload Cookie Premium Is Downloading From Megaupload Free?

Is downloading from megaupload free? - free megaupload cookie premium

So I want this song, but not on LimeWire. I found it on Megaupload, and I wonder whether it is free, and / or safety?


M_Fakhry said...

Yes, it is safe and free. But remember an updated anti-virus. Also, remember that there is a Megaupload download limit. This limit of 100 Mb / hour. Therefore, the discharge will not exceed 100 MB per hour. Not bad .. continue and good luck.

Malitah said...

Yes, but pay no limits to what one every day I'm not sure what it is DL. Like many web sites of the DL, you pay for a subscription for access to faster downloads and unlimited ... but not really worth it. Lol To answer your question, it is safe (unless you have a good anti-virus) free.

Mike said...

Yes megaupload is free and secure in what you download, but the same site is safe.

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