Monday, December 28, 2009

Gore Tex Hiking Shoes Hiking Shoes: Hi-Tec Vc Gore Tex?

Hiking Shoes: Hi-Tec vc Gore Tex? - gore tex hiking shoes

What is the difference (s) between the "Hi Gore-Tex" Tech "and" hiking boots and what is best and why the huge price difference? I need to go hiking, if the humidity is very high (~ 90%). Can I wear waterproof boots "wet" shoes for water sports? In fact, what "wet" shoes? well I use my sandals instead of hiking shoes for water activities, if it was mentioned that "offer wet" shoes in a position to provide complete protection in order to feet?


KatzAT said...

As for your question, wet shoes, no sandals are not as wet shoes. You need something that has a total grip on the ground and be immersed in water without damaging the shoe.

Salomon Sandals consult to get an idea.

Waterproof shoes to your feet dry and rain puddles, but not when they are immersed in water.

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