Monday, December 7, 2009

Su Carburettors For Sale Are Twin Throttle Carbs Less Efficient Than SU Type Carbs?

Are Twin Throttle Carbs less efficient than SU type Carbs? - su carburettors for sale

N Twin carburetor throttle deliver poor mileage compared to the piston SU carburetors? What is that differences in performance between the two?


Mark F said...

Twin-throat carbs than Delort, Weber and Mikuni are designed both for racing applications. Power supply that much (is well controlled) to the detriment of the economy - I would say that UB is better than nothing. For years, SU carb was my enemy. The lack of small things such as appliances.

anywhere... said...

The answer depends on your specific plan. If you go to emergency for two-run, would probably reduce the fuel consumption. This is reduced to a precise dosage of fuel in relation to the control valve and the component is idle. But you can see a better performance by improving airflow at high speeds. Clever Tuning economy could no installation. UB And if you are not careful, all that would be an improvement.

The trick to get better mileage is accurate measurement of fuel because it requires a mix that will only marginally too weak in terms of a continued acceleration. For this reason, an electronic fuel injection with a closed-loop configuration assessments a better economy than any other carburetor. This could be through a transformation of what Weber would cost if you carbohydrates as a shock, how did this man, not with Stromberg: ...

You could probably purchase adapters to convert it, and switch installed in Flight Stromberg court. These

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