Sunday, December 13, 2009

Best Antennas Great Hdtv Antenna HDTV Outdoor Antennas Rip Off Or? ?

HDTV outdoor antennas rip off or? ? - best antennas great hdtv antenna

I live in the middle of nowhere, and the closure of the receiving antenna HD is approximately 50 miles. Currently I have a normal TV antenna (an approximately 10 meters high) in the top of my house. I connected a HD box for my analog TV reception., Ý'm get about 4 regular channels of high definition (many repeats of the channel) The problem is that other channels are coming and they Then there are pixels, and from and makes me crazy, I researched HDTV antennas on the Web and in stores. I am the great work, not at all helpful (they say that I have gained a good HD antenna.) I tried to save an order to buy the HD antenna cover, and s' prepares them for only 2 channels. My question is: what is the drug in the HD antennas? Can I have more high-definition channels with a larger antenna address outside? (Cost of about $ 200) for large, or is it just a waste of money. And also, anyone know if after all the transition to HD channels, if emissions will be higher than now? If anyone knows, or in a similar situation, the reasonSE let me know! Information will be helpful, Thanks!


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