Monday, February 22, 2010

Floating Dock Plans I Need Help. My Niebhour Is...............?

I need help. My niebhour is...............? - floating dock plans

My niebhour is a fool. Today we will continue our long-standing dispute before by planting trees. It blocks my view and the trees lean into my house. We will continue with their goats roam free in my flower bed. When his plane was parked in front of my dock. I had planned a fishing trip tomorrow! What would I do as a retaliation? 


E&D, Trick! said...

If you live in an environment where certain orders that follow you and your neighbors. You can have the advice of your neighborhood, and you should be able to take care of.

If both live independently, then I suggest a lawsuit. Talk to a lawyer, and he will be able to tell if your case is a desirable goal or not.

Legal action in most cases is the best way to take revenge on an annoying neighbor. Remember - if you destroy his plane or to decide something, then it will be an advantage in court. Play it cool to talk to a lawyer and his legal action and revenge will be served when.

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