Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Senior Week Myrtle Beach Houses 2010 Is An Outer Banks Senior Beach Week A Bad Idea?

Is an Outer banks senior beach week a bad idea? - senior week myrtle beach houses 2010

My friends and I on the week of the range executive and had some problems because I do not want to go to myrtle. Topsail Iceland were they thinking? BEC inhabitants and a little less isolated. Or in outter banks? Can a parent sign for us, in a house? They are very strict about the police?


shoredud... said...

No one in the Outer Banks rent. Most agencies have contracts with the owners of the houses that they rented only to families. When you make an odd group of 30 a week, you could not rent a beach house on the Outer Banks because they are a family. And they are really strict about it.

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