Thursday, February 18, 2010

Viral Labyrinthitis Vertigo Meclazine How Long Do People Normally Have Viral Labyrinthitis Vertigo?

How long do people normally have viral labyrinthitis vertigo? - viral labyrinthitis vertigo meclazine

I have BPPV or within 6 days. I vomited several times during the first two days. My doctor prescribed amoxicillin Meclizine ... But I feel better. I still feel dizzy (like the room spins around me) and when I try to see an object, as it seems he is moving, the rest is, now I can walk a bit around my apartment while I My husband wanted to help me move up. I have 4 days work for this reason ... I can not drive and medicine, my vision is blurred ...

Anyone else had this problem? What have you done? Please help ...


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