Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lint Black Coat How To Remove Lint From Black Pea Coat?

How to remove lint from black pea coat? - lint black coat

Hello to all. I have a jacket, and I wondered how to remove the lint. So black is easy to see. Also, what kind of wear under a jacket? They usually wear to go to school? Thank you!


lorinhl said...

Sometimes I take him to the cleaners and magic.

You can try to shave carefully with a kind of razor.

It is annoying to have fluff.

Best of luck.

Jay P said...

Use a lint roller. If it is not now a movie with a good light, like a strip of adhesive tape. Do not use the strong, because they pull the wire and its sheath Look static-ish.

No, do not use 'em. Not live in a cold climate, and I think that only the most 5'11 game. Just my opinion.

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