Sunday, February 14, 2010

Backpack Coffee Dispenser London My Accident With A Coffee Cup In A Cafeteria?

My Accident with a Coffee Cup in a Cafeteria? - backpack coffee dispenser london

I am at a university as a newcomer in the first half. I was in the cafeteria one morning at breakfast by 8.30 am clock, when my classes and my food and she sat at a table with my backpack. It was getting a cup of coffee on the table, and when I sat down, shaking the table and tapped on the table beside me. The postponed cup of coffee, and suddenly on the floor face disadvantages. I stood up and me and the girls who had been taken and examined. I excused myself constantly, and she went on to say, "ok", but does not sound like him. I asked him if it was broken and she said "no." I apologized and offered a new mine later in my room.
This morning I rushed to say who broke the cup and it was Starbucks. The focusd give him the money ($ 20) to buy a new one. I told him I did not have much money and handed him the spare too. When he saw that she had refused, and was very angry with me ... What should I do?


timm said...

You should not give money.

Most of the ethical (and polite) What is buy a cup of Starbucks with a new gift card or Starbucks can do. This is not the term "misuse" of money and delivery of cash in a social environment is difficult and can lead to problems.

There is renewed at a price of $ 20. The only ones are so expensive is the "City Cup, the actual size of the cup of soup.

It was very difficult, when, and if it were me, I decided to stop dealing with it very ... No cuts, no gift card, no pity.

marcee00 said...

Brat Sounds like a witch. If not, no. There will be overcome. Perhaps if I had money in the future, a nice jesture buy and when you return, can give you.

tinkerbe... said...

They say sorry and it was a little wet, and then fell or what happened to him

Tonya in TX - Duck said...

Nothing. You have attempted to rectify the situation, and twice rejected both times. Things happen, it was an accident. If he was so concerned they have noticed that someone was about to sit down, he noticed the pictures were likely to be raised and put his hand on his face.

mitchell... said...

Stay away from knowing this person who had first spoken to, as it is not the latest version? Let It Be and stay away from this idiot.

startwin... said...

She said it was like a child, okay, you're stuck with "Okay". Do not give a penny. You can buy her a cup, the economic news, but certainly not give him $ 20. If he should have said so disturbed by it, in the first place!

littlele... said...

Bog off Tell him to go, it was just a coincidence. Tell him to sue him if it means that much of the silly girl.

Alie said...

She said that was correct and what's in it caught and if it is not fair that I should not say it.Do not give money !!!!!

harchick... said...

It is a cup of coffee, people!

Accidents happen.

The correct scenario in which both sides would behave as follows:

Freshman: "OMG, I'm so sorry!"

Witch: "Oh, that's fine. I like it. It was an accident. Do not worry."

Freshman: "Gee, thank you."

End of matter.

The first year was good, the witch is wrong.

The witch is certainly not receive a make-over. Damn!

The first year is a victim of the typical girl character: constantly apologize.

Apologies again. , Signifying that sincerely. Then let the problem.

Nothing else, and you give your powersomeone who could be abused.

Tell him cups of coffee costs $ 20, although, it was said that the World Cup went well during the day.

Looks like you need money for beer at the weekend.

♥mz robledo♥ said...

You have nothing to do. It is too late to ask. She said it was needed in order if you.

Curious Said Alice said...

It is an overreaction to a cup of coffee. What nonsense. Accidents happen. She apologized and offered to rectify the situation. If she has no way to be gracious, that's your problem.

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