Sunday, February 7, 2010

Brazillan Wax What Is The Difference Between A Brazillan And Bikini Wax?

What is the difference between a brazillan and bikini wax? - brazillan wax

Braziller eliminate almost all of one's hair, leaving only a narrow strip not remove the front and a bikini wax to say the visible parts of life so that his work allows him to a belt, the sides are gone,


<3 said...

wow I am surprised that the man knew that ... But BTH veryyyyyyy painful ... Bikini wax is useful for everyday conversation ... but I prefer the Brazilian wax, if ur going out with a bikini or holiday .. Hope that helps =]

Dee said...

The Brazilian waxing includes bikini, labia, perineum, and if you buttcheeks inside.

It may be very intrusive, but I recommend it! No razor burns and ingrown hairs, as you get with the savings and it takes longer to grow, but also.

pam d said...

Braziller pain waxes and cost more money and grief are hell.but as the best of both.

Shanna Lynn =] said...

no difference, same thing.
and it hurts lol.

diana said...

Bikini waxes are available around the bikini line, hair below the navel, and other places where your pubic hair "meter", in:] It's the least painful. You can do this at home ... I also believe that

Brazilian damage *****! Basically, Professional Hair Wax the booty and crotch. When I had (my friends made me when I with them, "Do not judge me ...) think that a strip of hair left, but I'm not 100% sure, I have been Brazil.

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