Monday, February 15, 2010

Breastfeeding To Husband Videos Adults I Caught My Husband Breastfeeding Our Newborn Son Is This Normal???

I Caught My Husband Breastfeeding Our Newborn Son Is This Normal??? - breastfeeding to husband videos adults

My husband and I have finally decided to have children, and I gave birth to our son.While was pregnant with my husband was very fully appreciated during pregnancy, which I do not participate, but not strangers to my video "Breastfeeding." These videos have instructions on how men can lactate, and given their disadvantages parts.I women told him that I am watching videos and the love that I have not seen it.Well after the race, I sometimes press the nipple and remarked that "her abdominal muscles as small breasts.I nothing, thought he could get a little weight.Well if our daughter to the hospital to our house, the crying of the child at night, and my husband insisted tor go take care of him while I relax. see our son, but when he came into the room for a long time, I decided to them.What I saw my husband check to feed our son. Should I confront him about it?


crazypra... said...

It is a trend among men. They do this to create a connection with their newborns and mothers. It calms the baby and do not affect in any way. You must have a very loving husband.

Jessica T said...

should in any case before him. this disorder to be Kid physcologically for life. go to school and be like "Yes, my father gave me the silent"
Offensce N, FH, but problems ..... Help.

Giff said...

It sounds a little weird for me. Hopefully something happens soon, but maybe you should talk to her and explain what is not normal.

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