Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gregory Helms And Velvet Sky Does Anybody Know If Undertaker And Michelle McCool Are Really Dating?

Does anybody know if Undertaker and Michelle McCool are really dating? - gregory helms and velvet sky

There are real couples behind the WWE, as Gregory Helms and Talia Doll (Velvet Sky) and Natalie Kidd and Tyson, and John Morrison and Melina, and I wondered if it is real or not


Jordan23 said...

Very likely, if not, then they are very good friends, maybe even the best of friends.

★Bяεη∂α ♥'sTαkεя My Dεαdmαη★ said...

Well, I checked online and there was this page where suppusly Michelle said no, they are made,

MICHELLE I HATE! and if they really made the beneficiary owes its stone, until they can fight no more I can not stand it does not deserve to make the first Divas Champion, Maryse.

Michelle curse mcnotcool
I hope that no more recipients
That's my opinion.

Fundamen... said...

I regret to say, but from now no one can say yes or do not kno what people see in the spoiler rumor sites, but what they say is not always true.
As for me, I think they are i kno or with other fighters, and I think that the recipients and McCool are out, but then again who knows with certainty

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